XIANG, a Synesthesia Interactive Design About the Food Industrial Chain in a Suburban Region Near Shanghai

There is a Chinese character called 飨(XIANG), which means Hospitality. And the left half of this character is another character called 乡, which means Village, while the right half of 飨 is also a character called 食, which means Food or Eating. The industrial chain of food in Village Xianqiao, a suburban region near Shanghai, is what exactly our team’s focus. Besides, the pronunciation of 飨 is the same as the character 享, which means Sharing. We wanted to introduce the food industrial chain in Village Xianqiao to the public in order to promote inter-city communication as well as its economy.

It was a part of Design Harvests focusing on the communication between Xianqiao and Shanghai and sustainable development. I participated in researching, designing, making the video and MAKA.

@04/2016 – 06/2016, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Preliminary Investigation:

We walked through the district between Qianshu Road and Middle Xianqiao Road. And we saw a small shop owned by Aunt Shi, Electrician Zhou’s workshop, Grandma Wang’s home, Aunt Gao’s house with a sheiling, and a rice milling station.

Analysis of Investigation:

Design Concept:

We found a food industrial chain in this region, and we wanted to introduce it to the public in order to promote inter-city communication as well as Village Xianqiao’s economy.

Design Contents:

1. Made an interactive wall to show the food industrial chain.

2. Designed postcards to publicize the food in Xianqiao.

3. Made a MAKA as online publicity.