Weeping Doll, a VR Game With the Theme of Horror and Chambers of Secrets Based on Unreal Engine 4

I was so lucky to be involved in the VR game in my first game internship. And it was the first time I got in touch with the advanced game engine, and also experienced plenty of interesting VR games available on both HTC Vive and PSVR. In addition to me, there were other three interns. And we all participated in the design of the storylines. At the same time, I independently designed the layout and gameplay of one of the chambers of secrets, which was demonstrated in ChinaJoy 2016.

@06/2016 – 08/2016, Unreal Engine 4, HTC Vive, PSVR


There are young twins sisters who live in a big house with their parents. Their father is a puppet maker, while their mother is a children’s literature writer, and her most famous work is “Weeping Doll”. The player will play as their housekeeper and find what happens in this house.

Size and Layout:

Room: 3.3M × 2.8M,

Window: 1.5M,

Door: 0.8M,

Pendulum Clock: 0.68M × 0.36M,

Fireplace: 1.2M × 0.48M,

Desk: 1.8M × 0.8M,

Bookcase: 1.5M × 0.36M.

The layout of the chamber of secrets


The door of this chamber of secrets is locked, and the player is initially in position 0. What he needs to do is to find the key to unlock the door and then leave this room.

Position 1: There are many books in the bookcase and a Key will be found just under one of the books.

Position 2: However, the key cannot be used to unlock the door. It is a key to unlock one of the desk drawers. And the player will find a Long Play in the drawer.

Position 3: There is a Gramophone on the desk. And if the player puts the long play on it, he could hear a song, in which there are 9 Chimes in the BGM.

Position 4: The player should turn the hand of the pendulum clock to 9 o’clock, and then he could open the door of the pendulum clock. There is an Axe inside the pendulum clock.

Position Star: I designed a hollow wall to make the room more puzzling. The player should be as careful as possible to figure out the reflection in the glass of the painting’s frame. The reflection shows that there is a Hollow Wall in the room.

Position 5: The player could use the axe to knock the hollow wall easily, in which there are many water pipes. There is another Key hanging on one of the water pipes —— Congratulations! You find it!

Here’s the demonstration of the gameplay on HTC Vive.

And If you want to know more about Weeping Doll, here’s the game scenes of it.