Seer: the Star War, a Mobile Interstellar Adventure Game Focusing on Planets Exploration, Elves Cultivation and Fight

I was on the project Seer: the Star War, a game with Seer as the character, when I worked at TaoMee Entertainment Company, and I put myself in the game development, inner testing, product launch and maintenance. There are many planets in this mobile interstellar adventure game and my first design of interactive gameplay happened on the Ocean Planet.

@07/2018, Microsoft Office Word, Unity

Compositions and Classification:


Interactive Gameplay:

Common Gameplay:

The button at the bottom right corner of the screen changes according to the things around the character. If there are plants or minerals, the button becomes a mark of gathering. In detail, if there is a shell, the player needs a crowbar to open it to get the pearl; if there is a mineral, the player needs a hoe to dig it. And if there is a wild elf, the button becomes a mark of fighting.

Special Gameplay:

1. There are skeletons on the seabed, and the player could push them just for fun.

2. There is a special terrain —— ocean trench on the Ocean Planet, which the player cannot cross it directly. If the player wants to cross the ocean trench, bubbles produced by conches will be helpful. The player needs to get the character into the bubble and keep moving to cross the ocean trench. The bubble breaks every 10 seconds and the player should move as fast as possible; If he stays still and after the bubble breaks, he is supposed to wait for another bubble, or he will be sent back to the seabed if he stays on the ocean trench.

Let me show you around the Ocean Planet.