Family in a Flappy House, a Quick Design in Global Game Jam 2019

It was my first time to join in Global Game Jam, and so lucky I organized a team including a programmer and another game designer at the scene. The theme of Global Game Jam 2019 is “What Home Means To You”. For me, home is where the family is. Who doesn’t want to take his family to travel around the world? Meanwhile, families often work together while sometimes have conflicts. So the idea, families cooperate in a flappy house, comed to my mind.

01/2019, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Unity


It is a game for 2 – 3 people and players should manipulate their characters to keep their house flappy, or the house will fall because of gravity.

Move around the house through ladders.

There is a machine producing love energy automatically upstairs, which can be used to make balloons and fire bullets. Hang balloons on the roof to keep the house flappy. Sit in the seat downstairs, control another machine to fire bullets.

There are 2 kinds of clouds and 2 kinds of birds that will influence the traveling.

I took a video by mobile when we played the demo.